Reiki distant healing

Reiki is a form of an energy healing technique that was introduced to the general population in 1922 by a Japanese seeker who went by the name Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki is a Japanese term meaning a mysterious atmosphere. It is said that he started teaching others this energy healing therapy once an earthquake hit Japan around the 1920s. Reiki healing entails the practitioner almost touching your body to resemble the laying of hands action but not necessarily touching the patient. Expert advise on Distant healing at divine healing by James.

By doing this, the practitioner is said to have to transmit Universal life energy to the patient from the palms of the practitioner. The universal life energy is sent to bring one into deep relaxation and accelerate healing. Furthermore, it is not only restricted to these two functions, but it can also decrease any symptom that one is experiencing as a result of any illness. There is no evidence showing its ability to heal diseases, but there are some studies that show its ability to reduce pain.

It is said that when we experience either a physical injury or emotional pain, our energies will stagnate around our body and thus cause an illness. This is where Reiki and other forms of energy healing therapies prove to be useful. They assist in removing blocks and promoting our energy flow. Reiki is among the many energy healing techniques that have been used since time immemorial perhaps even before the 1920s. Even though it practised anywhere, it is usually better to hold it in a peaceful environment whereby the patient can either be seated or laid down on a table with or without background music.

After the client or patient is settled in, the practitioner lays their hands over specific areas of the body of the client until he or she feels that the energy has stopped flowing from his or her own body. One session lasts between 15 minutes to one and a half-hour. The techniques used in Reiki can be referred to as infusing, clearing, centring, smoothing or extracting harmful energies. People suffering from diseases such as autism, infertility, cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, Crohn’s disease and neurodegenerative disorders will find Reiki useful.

Believers and supporters of this alternative form of therapy say that it utilizes the energy fields around one’s body. Some scientists, however, refute its effectiveness as they can’t explain it scientifically despite many people praising its effectiveness.

Reiki technique can also be done from a distance meaning the client or the patient doesn’t need to be close to the practitioner. The practitioner can just send the life energy through prayer. However, Reiki distant healing doesn’t necessarily mean healing someone isn’t close. Still, it can also mean healing or removing past blockages that are believed to hinder them from a living an abundant life in the present.

In Reiki distant healing, the practitioner invokes a distance symbol which will cross any distance created by time or space. This is possible by the Hermetic law of similarity, which states that we are all connected through our energies. The practitioner can choose to use one’s photo to send energies to the client, or they could just direct their thoughts to the person needing the healing.

One has to pay attention to the practitioner they choose as there is no regulation put in place for such healers. Hence, you could easily get a quack who wouldn’t heal you.